Rules of Play


  1. Rules of Play shall be as stated in The Rules of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews subject to the Local Rules as notified by the Club.


  1. Subject to any restrictions set by the Golf Committee for entry eligibility for any specific event (including handicap-, age-, and membership category restrictions), all Club competitions are open to all playing members, including Junior- and Family Members.


  1. The Starter and/or the Golf Committee may discontinue play in any competition round when, in their opinion, the weather and course conditions have become unsuitable for play. In such a case, the Golf Committee shall determine if the event is to be rescheduled or abandoned.


  1. When lodging a protest, this shall be done in accordance with The Rules of Golf and the decision of the Golf Committee shall be final.


  1. For all Strokeplay competitions, fully marked and signed cards must be submitted immediately upon completion of the round.


  1. Subject to any restrictions imposed by the Golf Committee in respect of any specific event or if use of golf carts is prohibited due to course conditions on the day, the use of golf carts is permitted in all club competitions.


  1. In the event of a tie in any stroke play competition, unless specifically stated otherwise for that competition, the winner shall be determined by count-back.


  1. For all handicap events, handicaps will be those applying on the day of play.


  1. For Matchplay competitions:


    1. The winner of a match is responsible for posting the result on the draw sheet on the Clubhouse noticeboard.
    2. If no agreement can be reached on a playing time and date, the player(s) that fail(s) to attend and report to the starter by 10:00am on the last date by which the match is to be played, will forfeit the match.
    3. Unless a later date is approved by the Club Captain, failure to conclude a match by the “play-by date” notified for that competition round in the Golf Programme, will result in the disqualification of all players in the match.
    4. After the draw has been posted, substitutions of players may be made before the play-by date for the first round of matches, irrespective of a bye. No substitutions may be made if the draw is seeded.
    5. Any match involved in “play-off” holes has right of way on the 1st tee.