History and Profile
The name South Head Golf Club rolls off the tongue smoothly, almost as smooth as the gently rolling, picturesque hills of the golf course.
Created on its present site in 1969/70 by golf course designer Jack Eccles, the course became the topic of many late night discussions with Reg and Carol Webber with whom Jack stayed during the course's development. The construction discussions were further enhanced by numerous bottles of whisky.
In many years that followed, during his term in office as President from 1974-75, followed in later years as that of Patron, Reg faithfully adhered to Jack's recommendation "to never alter the basic design; to only enhance."
The first President of the Club when the original course was situated on Mairetahi Rd, was Clive McMurdo (1961-63). All green keeping and mowing was conducted by his hard working committee.
When the new course was commissioned, Ian McLeod was the Club's President. At that time it was decided to hire a young green keeper, Ian Steedman, to look after the new course. Ian filled that roll for seven years. However, today his love for the game and dedication to the Club still frequently sees him out on the course - sometimes at night - repairing aged sprinklers and broken or leaking water pipes.
By the end of 1973, the Club's membership had risen to 250 players, despite grazing sheep being a permanent feature on the course, which necessitated the greens being fenced off. Income from the sheep, as noted in the 1973 AGM minutes, was $2,477 for the lambs and $969 for the ewes. By comparison, income from green fees was a mere $770. When the sheep were finally removed in 1990, the income they generated was therefore sorely missed.
In 2000 a decision was made to lease a fleet of golf carts. Funding was obtained from obtained from Southern Trust to enable paths to be laid down the 2nd and past the 11th holes, most of which was constructed on hands and knees by Ron Eastlake and Don Williams.
Over a period of more than 50 years the Club has achieved many moments of great success and notoriety from both members and visitors. One such moments was in 2006, when Tiger Woods visited the Club to caddy for Steve Williams on the day of Steve and Kirsty's wedding. Steve has been the Club's Patron since 2008 and brings a positive notoriety and pride to the Club.
South Head Golf Club teams have won more than their fair share of pennants, as evidenced by the many photos and mementoes proudly displayed in the Clubhouse.
The Club has a diverse and colourful membership. It's strength lies in the pride and believe that members play on one of the finest country golf courses in the North Harbour and Auckland regions, as confirmed by the many articles and photos in books and publications about New Zealand's best golf courses and golf holes, which often feature our signature 9th and 10th holes.