Temptation! - The name says it all. A short dogleg left to tempt the big hitters to take on the corner - either over the top or shape it around- to a reachable green. The left side is marked by out-of-bounds and large trees on the right make a lay-up a sensible choice. Behind the green is also out-of-bounds making over-hitting particularly punishing. The green slopes downwards from back to front. Playing hints: Big hitters can chance their arm at the green, but for more "normal" golfers, perhaps a medium iron to the centre of the fairway followed by a short pitch onto the green might be a safer option.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Blue   4 16 281
   White   4 16 256
   Yellow   4 16 250
   White   4 17 256
   Yellow   4 18 250